Hannah Thompson

Destination : Osaka, Japan



I am coming to Osaka, Japan for 2 months for the first time. I would like to stay in or around Osaka and spend at least one month with a host family learning more about Japan.

I don't speak very much Japanese right now, but I want to take lessons while I am in Japan.

I work as a website developer and will still need to be working during the week. So I will need to have access to internet. I am going to find a co-working space 2 days a week so I will not always be working from home.

When I am not working I want to spend my time exploring Japan. The country looks very beautiful to me, and I am very excited to spend time in Japan.

Please email me if you have space available.

contacthanahmae [at] gmail [dot] com

I hope to hear from you soon.

Posted on 21.May.2018

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