目的地 : 加拿大


Hi Im Takahiro.

* Simple my-info
Region: Japanese
Sex: Male
Age: 24
Work: IT Enginner
English level: Can somehow have a conversation in English.
When: After 2019 May (maybe)

* Introduction
Im interested in staying in Canada since 2 years ago. I'd like to live at least 3 months (prefer to live 6 months). I was living in Philippines 1 year, but I am forgetting how to speak English day and day. I sincerely appreciate if you support me.

* Needs
- Meals (lunch, dinner, sometimes breakfast)
- Internet
- Private room
- Kindness

发表于 27.Jun.2018


国籍 :

日本 Male

目的地 :

日期计划 :

May.2019 过期




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