Mai Schwanen

Destination : Liege, Belgium


Hello !
My name is Mai, I am 21 and I am from Belgium.
My native language is French but I can speak English fluently because I used to live in the USA for one year.
I am a girl by the way and I don't know where I can upload a picture of me so let me describe myself : I am blonde with blue-green-grey eyes and I am pretty tall.

I am really sociable and love being around pets or children.
I am patient and calm but also very optimistic and I smile a lot. I am also a foodie addict and like trying new things.

I would like to learn Japanese. I already have a few notions but it's pretty elementar so I need to practice. However, I would be happy to help you or a member of your family learn either English or French.

Thank you for reading :D
Have a great day

Posted on 30.Jun.2018

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