Chalmus McKinstry

Destination : Japan


Hi, My Name is CJay, I am a 29 years of age and is seeking to travel while running my business which is an innovative, original, creative multi-media and software company specializing in Prints(comics/Graphic Novels), Web apps, Desktop apps, film(short, commercial and soon full features), Graphics, Games and a bit of Investing. creative and inspiration website that benefits any creative field respectively. I am a very clean person with good habits, values, virtues, and ventures. I am willing to learn new customs and heritages as well am very able to work for stay or for any homestay businesses as well. Please let me become a Homestay resident on my world/understanding traveling adventures. Thank you.

Phone 248 508 2482 / 586 943 7541

Posted on 24.Jan.2019

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United States Male

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Jan.2019 Expired

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