Destination : ALL, Finland


Hi Varp,
This is Shun Sasaki from Japan!!
I am really interested in your column so that I sent a message.

I am planning to visit Finland on this October to feel Finland culture of SISU.

To introduce of myself, I am 27 years old. I run a public bath in Osaka which is named as Sento in Japanese.
Sento is not only public bath, but also that is place for a community to help local people living.

I met thoughts of SISU when I read a book written by Katja Pantzar and interested in Finland culture.

So now I am planning to visit Finland !
I think it will be a great story , If this trip could be a mutual relationship between Japanese culture and Finland culture !!
I am looking for a place to experience the mind of SISU gone through by my body. (now thinking to play ice swimming to be Olet sisukas!)

If you are interested in, please send email to me :)

Posted on 11.Sep.2018

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