Sara Mengato

Destination : Venice, Italy


Hallo, leuk je te ontmoeten!

My name is Sara Mengato, I am 22 and I am an Italian student currently attending the first semester at the International Joint Master in Sustainable Development in Leipzig, Germany. As part of my Joint Program, I will study the second semester at Universiteit Utrecht taking up the module on Earth System Governance. The term is starting on the 2nd of February and I am very looking forward to it!

Because I am a very dynamic and proactive person, my hobbies range from traveling and discovering new cultures and languages to cooking (not only pasta and pizza but also tortilla and crepes!) Other interests of mine are cultural activities mainly related with art such as paintings, photography and cinema.
My three biggest passions are languages, nature (above all mountaineering and exploring national parks) and sport such as volleyball playing or hiking. I can speak fluently English, German, Spanish and French and I am eager to start learning Dutch next year!
So far, I crossed Europe far and wide in diverse occasions such as road trips with families and friends or school exchanges. Traveling opened my mind and helped me to destroy my preconceptions towards what is different. Throughout my trips I got to know Germany, France, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, and Scandinavian countries pretty well, especially because besides visiting big cities I explored the surroundings and countrysides. Thus, I had the chance to interact with local people and have a deeper insight into their culture.

During High School I had the opportunity to participate in two school exchanges, namely in Scotland and Hannover, and in another project funded by the European Union which allowed me to spend one month-internship program in Spain hosted by a local family. Thus, the academic experience has been enriched by the cozy stay at my hosts' place. Fortunately, the three experiences were successful for both of the parties! The unexpected yet amazing aspect is that with the three host-families I am still in keen contact.
I am grateful I had the chance to get in touch deeply and widely with the local culture of the countries I've been hosted. For this reason, matching with a host family in Utrecht could make even this academic experience unique. I am a flexible, spontaneous and caring-heart girl looking for an enthusiastic and open-minded family willing to host me in order to empower my stay abroad. Additionally, I would also be glad to share my culture (and with pleasure even Italian kitchen) with the host family.

During my road trip last year I traveled across The Netherlands visiting Texel, Alkmaar, The Hague, Delft, Rotterdam and Amsterdam. What I liked most were the countrysides and the green areas that cover this country. I enjoy to be in contact with nature to distress my mind and to pursue a healthy life, and The Netherlands could be a place to be for me! My trip has been unfortunately a hit and run, yet I am now eager to experience a student life in Utrecht and to come in deeper contact with the Dutch culture and lifestyle.

Posted on 14.Nov.2019

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