目的地 : 日本


I actually plan on either staying in Kansai or Tohoku, however, if I see a good offer in a usually expensive place (e.g Tokyo) I might be more inclined to change my mind.
I really love children and I would be happy to have someone pick me up from the airport and provide meals as well.
I won't cause any trouble for you and I am very friendly!
I plan on staying for a pretty long time ( about a year) so I'd be very grateful if you're open to long-term stays.

(p.s. I have a special request, not mandatory, but if you would like to assist, feel free to message me :D )

發表於 11.Jun.2020


國籍 :

尼日利亞 Female

目的地 :

日期計劃 :

Sep.2021 過期




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