Shailesh B Harani

Destination : Tokyo, Japan


Namaste ( Greetings ! ) from Mumbai – India.
We have planned our Japan tour from 14 th May 2020 ( Arrival: Morning ) till 30 th May 2020( departure)
The discover and fall in love with Japan trip is divided into two phases
Phase I : With our parents : from 14 th May 2020 till 22nd May 2020.
We are a family of 6 (six ) members
Myself ( Male :49 ), My wife (age 46), Our daughters ( Age: 15 and 11 ) and my parents : ( Age : 79 and 76 )
Phase II : Without our parents: From 22nd May 2020 till 30 th may 2020
What we are requesting : Home stay accommodation where we are able to stay with the local family and whenever possible, interact with the hosts; to imbibe and understand the nuances of Japanese customs and culture .We can also share a lot on our highly diverse country : India.
Special request : My mother has some Knee issues so she may not be able to adjust with traditional floor level living i.e leg less chairs and beds may not suit her .Otherwise for rest of us traditional floor level living will be comfortable.
Do guide us on Home Stay !

With warm regards
Shailesh . B . Harani
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Trivia about us: Out of six of us, three are engineers and two are runners(marathon runners)

Posted on 14.Feb.2020

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