Jun Ikeda

Destination : San Francisco, United States


Hi, I’m Jun Ikeda, 16-year-old boy from Tokyo.
I’m currently organizing a trip to San Francisco in July 26th to August 8th, and take part in a summer tech program in Stanford University. I’ve almost finishing search on the flight, insurance, etc. But it’s hard to book a hotel for minor alone.
So I would really like to do homestay.

Someone who can accept me, please answer those as long as possible.

And I have some questions about the house and you.

1. How long does it take to Stanford University? ( I still don’t know which part of the campus to go. So just to the entrance of the campus. )

2. Do you offer lunch? Actually, I’m supposed to have lunch on campus in the middle of the program every weekday. So I just want to have breakfast and dinner at your home, if possible.

3. Additional question: Is anybody in your family member engineer or programmer, or undergrad who is majoring computer science? I doesn’t matter if not,,

I’m looking forward to your message.
Thank you.

Jun Ikeda

Posted on 26.Feb.2020

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