Chiara Libera Carnevale

Destination : Kanagawa, Japan


こんにちは! Hello! 。^‿^。

We are Chiara and Mikkel, a young international couple living together in Copenhagen, Denmark.
I am Chiara, I am Italian and 21 years old. I study Engineering and love Math. I also like learning new languages: I speak Italian, English, Russian, Danish and I am now studying Japanese - I would love to have a language exchange with you! I have lived with a host family before and loved my experiences abroad.
Mikkel is Danish and 22 years old. He studies International Business and has just returned from an exchange semester in Rome. He loves cleaning and baking traditional Danish "boller". He enjoys watching TV series and anime, and is the biggest fan of Studio Ghibli.

In September 2020, I will start an exchange semester at Tokai University, located near the city of Hiratsuka, in Kanagawa prefecture. Mikkel will move with me on a working holiday visa to fulfil his dream of experiencing life in Japan. We are looking for a room to rent during our stay in Japan, from the beginning of September 2020 until the end of January 2021. We would be very happy to live with a host family, where we could truly experience Japanese culture and share our own. We are very quiet and respectful of others and their needs, but enjoy getting to know new people and trying new things.
We would be very grateful if we could get to know you and we are ready to share more information about us - feel free to get in touch! 。^‿^。
ありがとう! Thank you!

Chiara Libera Carnevale
Phone: +45 5222 3283

Mikkel Østergaard Schrøder:
Phone: +45 2751 5432

P.S. My Japanese friend Nanae helped me translate ♡

こんにちは! Hello!
日本滞在中、2020年9月の初めから2021年1月の終わりまで、私たちは部屋を借りたいと思っています。 。概して私たちは穏やかで礼儀正しい人柄です。さらに、新しいことを知ったり、新しい人と関わったりすることも大好きな好奇心旺盛な性格です。
滞在できる部屋を見つけられたら大変有難く思います。よろしくお願いします。必要であれば、私たちについてのより多くの情報を共有することができます。 お気軽にお問い合わせください!
ありがとう! Thank you!

Posted on 05.Apr.2020

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