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My name is Jennifer, I'm fifteen years old and I'm living in Brazil. I want to do my High school in USA and I need a homestay, in the region of Mid-Atlantic, is not totally necessary to be in New York, but preferably in New Jersey or New Your state. I love books, and music. And I'm writing a book, i love to write too. My Mom said I'm smart at school, but I don't think so. My favorite subjects is math, text prodution,and english, but english in Brazil is too easy. I love animals, in my house I have tree dogs and every kind of farm animals, beacause I live in a farm. I went in NYC once, in January of this year and I love this city. If you don't want the responsabilite of a kind under 18 like me, don't care about that, I can emacipate, than I solve all that I need about school. I have two aunts in New Jersey and one cousin in Marryland and other in Pensilvannia, and some times along the year I want to visit them. I was born in New Jersey and some times I will need to go to my aunt house to apply my documents, because I live in Brazil since I was tree years old and all became a mass about my american documents, but I have my social security, and my american passport, I just need to apply for the other things. Both of my parentes are brazilian than I don't now nothing about the american culture. I like to cook, if you want a brazilian food I can do for you and your family.
I can help my host family at home. My school year should be the 10th grade, and of course I mean a public high school. I have no problems with pets, and if you do have pets, I can take a walk with them every day. If you have kids I can baby sit them when you're not home, I love kids, I have a nephew who is just 7 years old, sometimes I take care of he. The only thing I ask is to have available time for school and available time to study at home, but I don't study at home many time, I just do the homework, I'm a little smart. I also plan to do sports, music, or any extracurricular activity at school, so I'll need time for that too.
I hope you're available! I hope se you soon. Thanks for your attention, and good luck for us to find what we looking for. My phone number is: +55 62 998207391, send me a message, you can contact for all you want, I'll be glad to reply you. Sorry if I write something wrong, I still learning.

Posted on 18.Apr.2020

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