Kieran Backhouse

目的地 : Tokyo, 日本


Hello my name is Kieran and i have always dreamt of travelling to Japan to explore the sights and experience the culture. I'm very friendly, Well mannered and helpful and would love to get the opportunity to live in Japan for a small amount of time for around a month. I speak English but hope to learn to speak some Japanese. I can cook a little do housework and i am great with kids. I like to go fishing, cycling and explore new places but my sense of direction isn't the best so i often get lost haha.
If you are interested in having me as a guest once this virus is over please contact me.

Thanks for reading

發表於 11.Jan.2021


國籍 :

英國 Male

目的地 :

日期計劃 :

Jun.2021 過期




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