Uma Burrenchobay

Destination : British Columbia, Canada


Hi! My Name is Uma!

I was born on the vibrant Island of Mauritius (21 years ago), a dot in the middle of the Indian Ocean. A colorful country with a multitude of cultures, a warm welcoming population and spectacular beaches. I grew up in a loving, open-minded, household where we spoke, English, French as well as Creole and I practiced a variety of sports (mainly football and horse-riding). I completed my IGCSE and IB diplomas at Le Bocage International School where I studied Art & Design for 4 years. My parents (my Dad Mauritian, My Mum French) are real Life adventurers and I was lucky enough to be able to accompany them on their journeys. We went all over the globe to Japan, North and South America, Europe and South East Asia. In all our travels, visiting Art galleries and museums were a central part. I am captivated by Animation movies and have a passion for storytelling.

My Hobbies: I love doing puzzles. They help me cool down and help me focus when I need a break. Playing and spending time with my dogs is one of my favorite things to do. They are just the best! . Swimming: There is really no point of living on an Island if you don't go swimming. Travelling: Meeting new People and seeing different landscapes while travelling is something I'll never get tired of! Obviously, Covid made it impossible for me/us to travel for the last 2 years but I am so very excited to be able to travel again this October and start, at long last my new life as a student in Beautiful Vancouver,BC.

Fun facts: I was awarded the 'Best Hair' Award at school (for obvious reasons, you will soon see!!!). I am a massive fan of the Star Wars Trilogies. Apples are my favorite snack (sometimes I wonder If I wasn't a horse in another Life!). My favorite bands are twenty one pilots and Coldplay. On my free time, I enjoy watching Twitch streams and editing videos.

Although at first sight, I might appear quiet, I am quite open and cheerful and have a good sense of humor.
I will be extremely busy with my studies as it is only a 12 months intensive course and I will need to produce my own 3D Demo reel by the end of the course (starting from scratch). I am really looking forward to this.

I have travelled a lot but this will be my first expatriation, over 16,000km (!!!) away from my home country and parents and little sister (Antara who is 18). This is why, I am looking for a nice, welcoming family (with children/teens and dog or cat) who will give me a nice warm environment to go home to once I am done with my long days studying. I am very Independent but will need to be guided at first in this big City/region. I would love this Family to be dynamic and sportive so we can treck together and do outdoor Activities (as I will spend many hours behind my computer...) to discover BC when I have small breaks.

I visited Vancouver with my parents and sister in December 2019. We staying in Northern Vancouver and we really loved this Area. Ideally, my new welcoming family would live in this Area as it is only 30 minutes from my school which is located in Downtown (using the boat Shuttle). We also went skiing and snowmobiling in whistler. We absolute loved it!

Voila! Hope it helps =)

Posted on 05.Sep.2021

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