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Dear Host Family,
My boyfriend and I run the Japanese Language School in Thailand for 5 years. We now have many students and many of them want to visit Japan to use Japanese language in real life and also learning Japanese culture. So we want to do a “Tour to Japan for our students”.
Our idea are
bringing 4 or 8 student to Japan per time. (From 50 - 60 students in our hand - so we will do the tour for several times) We also want to expand this program to other.
Leave student live with host family for 4 nights.
While the student stay with host family, we want to make some requests ;
- 3 meals included; breakfast, lunch, dinner
- some activities for our students maybe with you such as tea ceremony, learn cooking Japanese food every dinner or wearing Kimono.
- If you have additional activities which you can bring them to join that, we can discuss for the cost such as karate, onsen in public bathtub etc.
- *** The most important request is during the day time, host family will teach them Japanese Language.
If you meet our requirement, Please contact us with the break down cost.
**Since we dealing with students, in Thailand, we have 2 vacations period as
March - May
Sep - Oct so those are a golden period.

Looking forward to hear you.
Watto Sensei ワット先生

Posté sur 20.May.2019

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