Rotem Tal

Destination : Tokyo, Japon


Konichiwa everyone! Rotem to iimaso.

Myself and my lovely wife Shani are students who took a three months break from our life to do what we love most - travel. This i our third trip to Asia, we began it in India and Sri Lanka and it's going to be our first visit to Japan. We hope to find new friends which we can hung out with, learn and experience the Japanese lifestyle and culture. "The best way to understand different culture is to know ordinary people's way of life. "

We like trekking (less relevant to Tokyo) and food (very relevant to Tokyo :-)). I'm also beginning to study Japanese, I can read but I don't have much vocabulary.

We'll land in Narita on October 13 and we'll be very happy if someone could host us. We plan to stay in Tokyo for 5 days (if you could only host us for less days it will be great too). A mattress on the floor is more than enough but a nearby public transportation is important.

Feel free to contact me,

Posté sur 26.Sep.2019

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