目的地 : Los Angeles, アメリカ


Good day! We plan to visit the USA from July 10 to August 15. I am the father of a young man of 16 years. My son and his friend, classmate and I are planning to come to the USA. I would like to arrange for 2 children to stay in the family, and he will stay in the hotel. Children study in Russia in prestigious public school. Disciplined, athletic and good guys. We are planning a trip to the United States from 15.07.2009 to 30.08.2009.

The guys at the middle level speak English and want to take language courses in Los Angeles, as well as see the sights of the state. We are looking for an option to accommodate teenagers (can be in one room), support their device in place. Ready to pay for these services and find new friends in the United States. In General, we are a family - we have a son of 15 years and a daughter of 12 years. We look forward to meeting you! Rustam.

投稿日 25.May.2019


国籍 :

ロシア Male

渡航日 :

Jul.2019 期限切れ




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