Mashu Higa

目的地 : Vancouver, カナダ


I am a 20-year-old Japanese student studying Communication Design in the second year of Emily Carr University Art & Design. 
Currently, I am back home in Japan until the fall semester begins.
I will return to Vancouver on September 4th. And I plan to study in Vancouver until late April next year, when spring semester end.
I am looking for a family near the station, preferably within about 10
minutes walk, because the SkyTrain Millennium Line or Expo Line is convenient to go to school.
I am not talkative, but gentle and polite. I do not like tobacco and alcohol, and I have no food allergies. I cannot cook, so I would prefer to have three meals served.

投稿日 26.Jun.2019


国籍 :

日本 Male

渡航日 :

Sep.2019 期限切れ




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