Anton Holmgren

目的地 : San Francisco, アメリカ



I'm Anton, an international student from Sweden. I came to Seattle about 2 years ago, and have since then moved out to Minnesota to study for my bachelors. I miss the west coast, and my girlfriend recently moved to San Francisco, so know I'm going to finish my senior year out there. I'm going to start SFSU in the fall of 2021, but will be moving in the end of April already for some internships in the city during the summer.

When I came to the states, I lived in a wonderful homestay. I'm still to this day best friends with the family I lived in, and I would love to try this out in San Francisco (my new favorite city!) as well.

I'm 25 years old, have lived in a bunch of European cities (I have a lot of stories from fun places). I care about the people I live with tremendously, and have a lot of respect for my surroundings.

投稿日 09.Oct.2020


国籍 :

スエーデン Male

渡航日 :





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