Mayara Coelho Amancio

목적지 : Seoul, South Korea


Hello, my name is Mayara. And I want a family that cares for me. and I also wanted to be able to take my friends to the house if it's not overbearing and I have no problem with children, I I love children, I do not have problem with dogs and cats, I also love animals I do not like being sent, but just tell me that I'm going to do my job Do not need to be ignorant, just talk to me and I'll understand. and I also want to have a space in the refrigerator even you already doing the main meals And if you're more inquiring, just send me a message. bye thank you for your attention by: Mayara Coelho Amancio

에 게시 됨 26.Dec.2018

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브라질 Female

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Feb.2021 만료 된

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