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Hi there,
I am Joseph and I am 17 years old. I live in Shkoder, Albania.
Actually I am studying in high school and I need to earn some money because I want to finish the university abroad. My family doesn't have good economical opportunities to keep me in university abroad.
I am a very good student and I can speak fluently English because I have attended 3 years private courses ( B2 level completed ). While german and italian are two other foreign languages I have learned them in school (B2 level for Italian, B1 level for german). I know to use computer very well because I have been for one year in austrian school (HTL-Schule). I want to find a job for summer where accommodation is included. I can do every kind of job where mind abilities are required. I needto earn some money and gain some experience and practise the English or any other foreign language at the same time. I have worked in my country, too. But I really need a new experience and some money.
I would really appreciate any kind of answers.
Please contact me on m my number in WhatsApp because I am available for every offer 00355 69 5485 640

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