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Today was supposed to be my last day before to fly back, but i'm too sad to leave ! I decided to stay a bit further, until 20 June minimum, 24 June maximum. I'm currently writting from Nagoya airport and i took the decision to come back to SAPPORO, but i have literraly no idea of where i could stay.

Do you think you can be my host for a few days while i am back to your awesome city ?

My dates are flexible. If you can host me even just 1 day, that would be really awesome.

While i was in Sapporo, i was hosted in a japanese family, with my thai friend (she is in this family for 4 years, she studied in sapporo, graduated and now is working). Everything went very well, but sadly the family cannot host me again because they are hosting another guest now (a 17 swedish student).

I'm familyless now ! lol

By the way, i just had my first couchsurfing experience in Hamamatsu. It was very fun and a good experience. My host just left me a review, if you want to see.

Could you please reply me as soon as possible ? As i told you, i am now in the airport of Nagoya and i will probably come back in Sapporo tomorrow night (tuesday 7pm, i found an airplane ticket).

Thank you very much,

PS. My budget is VERY tight. This extension of stay was not planned at all. If you can host me for 1500yen per day it would be perfect (no need to cook for me. If you wish to cook, i can pay more for the food of course).

For such a good rate, i can of course give you services, such as teaching french, stuff about marketing, psychology, spirituality... (i am tarot reader by the way. It's a long story).


Hello everyone !

My name is Alexis, i am 28yo and i lived in japan 1.5 years. Last time was 5 years ago. As i am missing this country a lot, i plan to come back a few weeks in June.

I would like to find an accomodation from 8th to 14th June in Tokyo. My budget is quite tight, 14 to 17.000yen would be perfect :-)

In exchange of such a good rate, i can teach you a lot about psychology, stress and anxiety management and a lot of topics related to the Human Behaviors. (I have over 13 years of experience in this field). µ

I can also teach you french and let you know more about my country. I used to be a french teacher in japan 10 years ago.

Please feel free to contact me if you need more informations :)

I'm currently in Bangkok. I will go to Sapporo on the 27th May, then move to Tokyo on 8th June.

Have a nice day,

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