Dandara Gomes

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Greetings! My name is Dandara Gomes, I'm from Brazil, and I'm looking for a family to be my host and take my guardianship while I'm in United States or Canada. By the time I write this I'm sixteen, but I'll be 17 when we first meet if we do so. I need a home, a high school and a warm family who can take care of me on my one academic year.
I can help my host family at home.
My school year should be the 10th grade, and of course I mean a public high school.
I have no problems with pets, and if you do have pets, I can take a walk with them every day.
If you have kids I can baby sit them when you're not home.
The only thing I ask is to have available time for school and available time to study at home. I also plan to do sports at school, so I'll need time for that too.
I hope you're available!

опубликовано 19.Jan.2020

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