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Hello :)
I'm Celina. I'm a 17 year old student from germany. (Bavaria) I'd love to do an exchange because I really like English and I'm really interested in the American culture. I'm a really friendly, respectful and curious person. I love animals, equestrian vaulting and hanging out with friends. My family consists of my little brother (10) my parents and our two bunnys. My granparents live right next to us as well. Sometimes I'm a little shy but that depends on my surrounding. I've always wanted to travel to America but there is one problem I always have and had to face...I have an eating disorder called ARFID which basically means that I'm a really, really picky eater. (Feel free to to ask questions concerning that topic ) I'm trying really hard to work on it. Hopefully you can help me with that? I'd love to find a family with children around my age (16) who are happy to show me their life and help me get to know what it's like to live in America. I'd prefer the length of my stay to be around a month in my summer break, but hopefully expericence as much as possible in this short amount of time :). I'll be attending 11th grade in 2021 which kind of not allows me to stay longer or during the school year. I wanna step out of my comfort zone as a person and get to know as many people as possible, make a lot of friends and improve my language skills.
I'll always respond to all questions that may have appeared.
Thank you so much for reading and maybe considering me ? :)

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