Vincent Fernandes

目的地 : London Region UK, 英国


I am a sociable 26-year-old English/Dutch-speaking Belgian and have been blind since birth.

I love Britain and am looking for a friendly host family (sorry, no pets) who I could live with for approximately three months to experience what living in London is like, to establish new connections and possibly find work.

I have already stayed with host families in Kent and Bath for language, culture and cookery courses, but would like to spend an extended period of time in the UK to see how things unfold.

I am looking for a caring family who can provide practical support where needed (laundry, three meals a day etc., no personal care needed) I might also need help finding personal assistants to help me go about daily activities. My goal is to be as independent as possible, but I will need reliable people who I can turn to because as exciting as moving to England will undoubtedly be, it is also going to be an adjustment.

I love having English conversations and talking to locals. Other than improving my English, I am also interested in international politics and current affairs, films, film music, history and different cultures. I would bring my own computer with braille display to access the internet.

I am more than happy to answer any questions you might have about me or my disability at any point and am able to provide excellent references from my previous host families. I will be in London from 4-9 March and would be happy to arrange a visit if you are interested in meeting me.

发表于 09.Feb.2020


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