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Dear Future Host Family!
How are you? Hope everything's fine. My name is Annachiara Bottiglieri, I’m 16 and I live in Caserta, in the south of Italy. I’m a girl that is curious, in fact I always want to learn new things and to do new experiences. If I genuinely care about something, If I’m actually interested in something, I’m really determined to work on it and I give 100% of my energies to it. Like all of the teenagers, maybe all the people of the world, I have my insecurities, some are about my personality or my body, but I have one thing that I appreciate about my character: I like taking care of the people that I love, I love listening to them, but listening in a interested way, without judging because I believe that when someone confides in you, you don’t have to judge him because he’s trusting you and you are no one to judge him, you don't are him and don’t really know his emotions and his thoughts, you can only imagine it, so you are not in the position of judging him, but you can give him attention and support and can listen him to help him. I love to see the people that I love happy and I wanna do the best to make them so and if they are, then I am, and it’s the thing that I like about myself. Still, I also have my defects: for example, sometimes I’m a naive and distracted person. I remember one time I forgot the keys of my house inside and my mother didn’t open the door for an hour to punish me. I assure you that now, I've learned the lesson. Usually, in a day I go to school in the morning, then I come back home to have lunch and in the afternoon I do my homework and when i finish them, in my free time, I go out with my friends, I sing and play my guitar, I listen to music, I read, I write some thoughts and until some time ago, I used to love seeing films and tv series and usually I spent a lot of time doing it, now I love it too but I’m inclined to do other things instead doing it, although I still like it a lot. My closest family is formed by my mum Pia, my dad Fiore, my brother Cosimo, and me. With my mum I have a really good relationship. Sometimes, it happened that I confessed to her something about my “private” life but only a little part because, you know, I’m always a teenager! With my dad I have a special bond: it is based on music. We talk thanks to the music and thanks to it, we can say things that we couldn’t tell in other ways. Usually, in the evening, after dinner, when we have both free time, we play together. He plays the piano and I sing and play the guitar. However, he can also sing and play the guitar but they are not his instruments. We also record our covers on a n app that we have put on the computer. We love working and doing our arrangements of songs. I hope that, one day, I’ll be able to show you some of our covers. Both of my parents own a pharmacy and they work there. My older brother is 23, and he doesn’t live with me and my parents, he lives in Milan as he studies pharmacy there, but he finds some periods to come home and spend a bit of time with us. We are like a team “against'' my parents and I have to admit that we work good together and we support each other. We are,like, telepathic. For example, when we talk we complete the sentences of each other. We are not open with each other about our “private life”, but we know that we are always there for each other, and that is enough. All together, we have a good armony together, but I have to admit that, like all the families of this world, we also have our moments of fight. Every day we have the tradition to have “our” moment, when we are all together and we can talk and spend some time together. That is our “family time” and for us, is like sacrum. That moment is when we have dinner, when my parents get home from work and me and my brother have finished our things, we stay alla together, except on saturday, when me and my brother go out with our friends in the evening. When we are all together, we talk about our days and sometimes we begin some topics about differents things like religion, history, politics, society problems, or we simply talk and laugh together, it depends on the day, but sincerely, also if we are talking about something that is more challenging, we do it in a mild way and the laughs when we are together are guaranteed. This is it about my closest family, but If i have to talk about my complete family, I have to include my dearest friends and relatives, because I consider them my family too. I have a lot of parents because my mum has 7 brothers and all the aunts and uncles and cousins are a lot. I love all them and I love being all together. When we all get together, I feel home like in none other situation. Unfortunately, because of we are a lot, we can stay all together only on 24th and 25th of December, during the Christmas days, but I’m really grateful for it because it makes these days much more special than they usually are. Between all my relatives, the people that are closer to me are my dad’s mum Anna, some of my aunts and some cousins that are like a part of my best friends. My grandmother Anna is one of the most important people in my life. She’s my inspiration and we love each other in a way that is strongly our and intimate and I take care of our relationship like If it’s gold, because for me, it is. The other part of my family is formed by my friends. I’ve a lot of friends and I love all of them as my friends, but I have some of them that are like sisters for me. In particular, two of them are special for me. I met them in middle school and since then, we haven’t separated. We can’t do this because we are too close, we are a fixed point in the lives of each other. In fact, I know that when I’ll be abroad, they’ll be with me every day, even if we’ll have a hundred kilometres to separate us, and they’ll live this experience with me, supporting me and being with me all the time, with their souls. When we are together we talk a lot and we do a lot of things. We see our photos of the past together, we sing, we do tik toks, we do videos, we travel together, sometimes, we study together, we do all the things that we can, together. One of the things that I love the most to do with them, is going to the royal palace in our city (you can google “Reggia di Caserta” and you can find it) on sunny days, especially in summer. We go there and we have lunch in the gardens, we go on the top of the gardens and then we run down, it is really funny and we feel the bravest! Anyway, the most important thing in my life is the music. It’s above everything and everyone. Since I was a child, It’s always been an important part of my life and my personality. I used to say that it was my life. Now that I have actually discovered it, I say that it’s my life, but it hasn’t the same meaning of when I said it in the past. When I said it I didn’t know what it really meant, but now I really know. I think that is faith, it is something that I don’t have chosen, it’s meant for me, it’s my half. I’m used to say that it’s the only one that can judge me because it’s the only one that knows me, better than myself. With it, I can discover parts of my person that I don’t know, she takes me with her sweet hand, and she gently guides me to the discovery of myself and the world. I couldn’t live without her, it’s my reason for living. I also love the power of music to connect people from all over the world, and spread love in a simple and pure way, without badness, and I know that during this experience of living abroad, it will be an important way to communicate and share with people around me. It will also be the thing that will give me the strength to deal with this strong experience that, I’m sure, will be amazing. Music is my only faith, but when I talk about passions, I have other passions. I adore writing, I love the sound of the pencil when it passes on the papers and writes my thoughts, my descriptions, my stores, myself. I love reading, that is a passion that I share with my mum for a big part of it. I like cooking but I’m at the beginning, so I’m not too good at it yet, but I love to try. I love and respect nature, I love walking and discovering different places through the mountains, I love seeing how the shining of the sun hits the calm water of a lake and so on. I’ve been to scouts for many years and maybe, this respect and admiration for nature, it’s their fault. I’m interested in social problems, I try to do something for the things that I believe in. I commit myself to the fight for any type of discriminations, for the protection of nature and so on. In the future, I’d like to work in the music industry or become a doctor, especially a psychiatrist. However, whatever I’ll be doing in the future, I’ll never give up music and I’ll always help and fight for who needs help and for what I believe in, without never abandoning the people that I love. These are the targets of my life. Lately, I spoke with some friends and relatives,especially during this Christmas period. Among all things we have talked about, we spoke about ourselves. When we talked about me, they said that I’m a person that likes helping people and taking care of them by listening to them, that I’m improving my singing and playing skills and they laughed about a moment when I forgot to take part in a math lesson online. I want to have this experience because I want to discover things that are different from me and my world, I’m curious about other cultures, the social and political situation in the USA, I want to meet new people that could enlarge my family I want to meet other people that I could listen to, and that I can love. I need to grow up thanks to different environments and not always the same as in my city. I feel like I’m “little” and “limited” in my city and I have the necessity to go away and stay for a bit in a new place, with a different air and with new and different possibilities. I hope that my description is enough, but I don’t think so. I think that nothing could be enough to know a person other than getting to know them live. However, at least for now, there are not other possibilities, so that’s okay. Thank you for the patience and the attention.
Hope to see you soon,

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