Kama Dooley

Banora Point, Gold Coast, Australia

Miembro desde Dec 2009

  • Host family in Gold Coast Australia
  • Host family in Gold Coast Australia
AUD150/ Semana

( AUD40/ Diario )


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Kama Dooley

Banora Point, Gold Coast, Australia

Acerca de nuestra casa de familia

We have been a host family for around a dozen years. We are very easy going relaxed people and love having friends around. For short stays it is $40 per person per night. For weekly stays it is $150 per person. We are happy to work on the price for couples. This includes breakfast and dinner each day.
We have a cat 🐈 and some pet chickens 🐔.

Miembro desde Dec 2009

Comodidades :

Incluye las comidas? Yes Meals Yes

Permite fumar? Yes Smoking Yes

¿Conexión inalámbrica a internet? Yes Internet Yes

Mascota en casa? Yes Pets Yes

¿Recoger en el aeropuerto? Yes Pickup Yes

Preferencia :

Smoking only ok outside.

Miembro de la familia :

Mum - me, Kama, Dad - Ron, Mitchell-22, Brendan - 14

Informacion local :

On a bus route. Bus stop is 10 meters from house. Many schools and uni's close by. 10 min to Gold Coast airport and beautiful beaches. Theme parks only a bus ride away.


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