Tuscany, Italia

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Acerca de nuestra casa de familia

We are very good people and we are very excited to make cultural and languages exchanges...if u need to contact me add me on (u have only to chearch pilar bombardi) so u can ask me what you wanna know and i can also give u some photos of my houses and u can know us so i can explain better about our habits,about our style of life and we can also know better you,that will be guest in my home.See u soon i hope!;)

Miembro desde Jan 2011

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Preferencia :

I prefer girls between 18 and 30 years but also if u are a boy it's not a problem for me...it's not important if you are students or workers or if u come in italy for a holiday...i love very much know about cultures and people of different countries to know a lot of new things about other places in world...it's for that that i offer a free accomodation...we don't ask moneys but only if u take me something of your country like photos and u talk us about your country...and i hope too to began friends and to show you lot of things about our country :)

Miembro de la familia :

My family is composed by me(21 years) and my grandparents...but i live alone in my own home

Informacion local :

We have 3 homes,one is near the centre of florence(15 minutes walk) but it's very little but we have also another home to florence,which is of my grandparents but we can go there if u need to attend university of florence(polo universitario) because is near it(10 minutes with bus who you can take behind my home)...and finally i've another home at marina di carrara near the beach where we can go in summer if u come there in this period for relax and go beach,go riding horses ecc...:)