Deland, Florida, Estados Unidos

Miembro desde Oct 2013

  • Host family in Florida United States
  • Host family in Florida United States
USD630/ Semana

( USD90/ Diario )


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Deland, Florida, Estados Unidos

Acerca de nuestra casa de familia

Dear students, welcome to our international home.

If you stay with us, you will automatically be part of our family.
You will have an adventures and exiting stay with us, as you will explore and approach the English language and the American culture without any pressure. Enjoy our food and adventures trips to beaches, islands, shopping, wildlife resorts, springs, skydiver drop zone etc...
The Floridian wildlife is also very unique, with its alligators, turtles, snakes, manatees, dolphins, water birds etc.
We will help you to learn English in a very easy, fearless, and flexible way. Step by step, individually, we will bring you to your goal.
We will assist you and help you in anything you need as we absolutely understand, that being abroad, is not always easy. We are very open minded and are always here for any questions and concerns. Daily, you will be able to exercise and practice the English language. Everything here is in English :-) In no time you will improve your English, without even realizing how good you became :-) .
To us, it’s very important to be open minded, see what is out of the box and learn new cultures, food and languages. If you travel, you become a different and better person. You will mature in a different positive way. Travelling opens your mind, your soul, and your heart.
I want to give young teenagers and adults this unique experience, and opportunity, which they will always remember and will most definitely not learn at school or at their job :-)

Miembro desde Oct 2013

Comodidades :

Incluye las comidas? Yes Meals Yes

Permite fumar? Yes Smoking Yes

¿Conexión inalámbrica a internet? Yes Internet Yes

Mascota en casa? Yes Pets Yes

¿Recoger en el aeropuerto? Yes Pickup Yes

Preferencia :

Welcome to Florida. We are a Swiss-Floridian international host family living in Deland, Florida.
I am a registered nurse from Switzerland and my husband is a Floridian IT (Computer) manager.
We would love to welcome and host you in our cozy home. We had exchange students from around the world. I will always dedicate myself and my time to the students a 100%, as they become my adoptive children :-). Therefor I am very protective 😉.
Together we explore the Floridian life, do adventures excursions, visit different beaches, national parks, springs, organize daytrips to historical places, explore the Floridian wildlife etc......
With the students, I always speak English, 24/7. Only in an emergency I will talk to them in their native language... """ if I speak them """ ;-).
Our international students, no matter the age, will be part of our family.

Miembro de la familia :

I am a registered nurse from Switzerland and my husband is a Floridian IT (Computer) manager. My personality is very outgoing and open minded. We have 2 children, born in 1999 and 2013, have a friendly/clean Chihuahua dog and an outdoor cat.
I have travelled around the world 3 times and do speak 6 languages. I helped in 3rd world countries after Tsunamis (Sri Lanka), worked with street children in Cartagena, Colombia, South America. I love the diversity of people, culture, religion, etc...

Informacion local :

A beautiful, cozy home in nature, save and privately located on a quiet street is waiting for your visit. Only 5 min. walk from downtown Deland, restaurants, parades, Stetson University, ice cream places, Knick knack gift/antique shops, night life, hospital, and parks. Horse/ car racing, Sky diving centers are only few minutes by car.
We are privileged to have a friendly neighborhood with good people around and absolutely gorges Victorian style houses from the early 18th-19th century.
While you are jogging or just simply go for a walk, you can get inspired by this beautiful architecture and exotically very professionally laid out front yards.
The best thing in our home, are our students, which bring an immense diversity of life experience, language, culture etc.... This combination of uniqueness is what brings life and adventure to our international home. It never gets boring. We highly respect our students’ culture and traditions as they come from all over the world.


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