Candy Nguyen

Nha Trang, Vietnam

Miembro desde Oct 2014

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VND5000000/ Semana

( VND600000/ Diario )


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Candy Nguyen

Nha Trang, Vietnam

Acerca de nuestra casa de familia

We are hosting people from all over the world for more than 1 years. All family members are friendly. i can speak English also. We are glad to meet and make friends with all of you and we will try our best so that you have great time in our island where is our hometown.AT here, you can enjoy swimming,snorkerling,sightseeing ect. with locals
About my tour price:
Time: 2 days 1 nights
Tour price is 2000000VND
Contact me to know more information in details by sending my email or calling mynumber.
Tel: 01245 747 698
: candy.nguyen79

Miembro desde Oct 2014

Comodidades :

Incluye las comidas? Yes Meals Yes

Permite fumar? Yes Smoking Yes

¿Conexión inalámbrica a internet?

Mascota en casa? Yes Pets Yes

¿Recoger en el aeropuerto? Yes Pickup Yes

Preferencia :

My Binh Hung Homestay tour page is Binh Hung Homestay & Fresh Sefood

Miembro de la familia :

My parents

Informacion local :

Its called Bình Hưng Island.
In font of my house homestay is beautiful beach,behind of it's is mountain with wild beauty still.