Julie's Homestay

Brisbane, Australia

Miembro desde Aug 2006

  • Host family in Brisbane Australia
  • Host family in Brisbane Australia
AUD260/ Semana

( AUD50/ Diario )


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Julie's Homestay

Brisbane, Australia

Acerca de nuestra casa de familia

Our home is newly built and you will have a large queen size room with a private ensuite.

Our home is a large 5 bedroom home with multiple living rooms.

We are a family with 2 children a boy aged 14 and girl 17 at home. Both Julie and Wayne are 'Positive Notice' Child Safety Blue card holders. We are very active people with all of us involved with various sports including scuba diving,surf lifesaving, swimming, cricket and other activities like drama, dancing and piano. Breakfast and dinner are provided. Any special dietary requirements can be catered for.

The guest room has its own bathroom facilities and are very spacious with a queen bed, desk, TV and wireless internet.

BBQ & entertainment area, cable television & netflix to media room. We can organise sightseeing trips or day trips to suit your desires. Our guests are always welcome to participate in any activities that we are involved in.

Our house is located about 2mins drive from a large recreational area especially aimed at bush walking, mountain bike riding, kayaking and stand up paddle boarding. We would be happy to take you there if that is of interest.

Miembro desde Aug 2006

Comodidades :

Incluye las comidas? Yes Meals Yes

Permite fumar? No Smoking No

¿Conexión inalámbrica a internet? Yes Internet Yes

Mascota en casa? No Pets No

¿Recoger en el aeropuerto? Yes Pickup Yes

Miembro de la familia :

Julie, Wayne, Flynn and Brittany

Informacion local :

We are located in the quiet and Safe Suburb of The Gap which is 10 km west of the City. The bus stop is only a 100m walk away with frequent buses to the city. Buses to the city take 20 - 30 mins. The local shopping center is only a 20 min walk or easy 5 mins on the bus.


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