The South, India

Miembro desde Nov 2006

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The South, India

Acerca de nuestra casa de familia

Col&Mrs kuncheria(retired,ghurkha rifles)will delight in telling you their stories.Minutes from the busy streets of Trivandrum,step through the door and back in time to the British Raj,Sundowners on the veranda,hunting Trophies on the wall,whirring sealing fans overhead,you half-expect a young Victorian,Miss Blanket to appear(she fell in love with an English tea planter and followed her heart to Travancore to find him,building this Bungalow in the 1850s). Ever since they left the house has remained with the same family and the sense of History remains. Antique Rose wood furniture, and family pieces sit beneath wood panelled ceilings and big Bathrooms have a genteel air,like the guest rooms in a favorite uncle's house. Cabinets gleem with china,curious objects catch the eye.After dinner with the Col and his wife,find a rocking chair on the veranda and drink to the legacy of Miss Blanket

Miembro desde Nov 2006

Comodidades :

Incluye las comidas? No Meals No

Permite fumar? Yes Smoking Yes

¿Conexión inalámbrica a internet?

Mascota en casa? Yes Pets Yes

¿Recoger en el aeropuerto? Yes Pickup Yes

Preferencia :

Individuals,families and smallgroups holiday/business visits

Miembro de la familia :

Col Mrs Kuncheria

Informacion local :

sight seeing/beach/cultural activities,Ayurdedic treatments etc available. Transportation at extra cost


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