Tiffany and Howard Mills

Liaoning, Cina

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CNY1750/ Settimana

( CNY250/ Quotidiano )


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Tiffany and Howard Mills

Liaoning, Cina

Circa la nostra famiglia

Howard is an Australian citizen married to Tiffany who is a Chinese national. We both speak English, are both friendly, easy going, helpful and welcoming.

Howard has 15 years of experience working for his families Australian Farmstay business which hosted over 1000 visitors from around the world which included students, couples and groups.

We offer a unique blend of both Western and Chinese cultures, thinking and understanding in our home. Our food is Western standard and quality. Howard believes if he cannot eat it then don't serve it to others.

We are available as interpreters and guides as an extra service if required. (Which could include extensive travel within China if that is required).

Our apartment is brand new. It boasts 3 bedrooms, a living area, separate bathroom and kitchen with views that are substantial. We have internet, TV and a range of American and English movies available.

1. Shopping - Let us take you shopping through real wholesale areas that are off the beaten track and with local prices.
2. Chinese Wedding - We will help make your "Special Day" a unique experience. We offer both traditional Chinese and Western style marriage ceremonies.
3. Farmstay - Exclusively for our visitors is a unique opportunity to visit and experience a real Chinese peasant and farming lifestyle. Not to be missed.
4. Jade - Let us introduce you to this iconic stone. It is said that Gold has a price, Silver has a price but Jade is priceless.
5. Sightseeing - If you want to experience The Great Wall, The Forbidden City, Tianamin Square or an array of other places in and around Beijing and Northern China, you must include us in your plans. No other tour company will give you the personal and dedicated insights and experiences that we offer. What you will experience on your trip to the Great Wall with us should not be missed.

1. Teaching Chinese - Tiffany will teach you the basics of Mandarin if required. "Hello" and "thankyou" to name two important words.
2. Teaching English - We offer English lessons if required. Part of our English classes are "Conversation English".
3. Cooking - We offer to teach you basic cooking of Chinese and Western dishes if required.

CHINA is an amazing place. Let us help you unlock some of it's secrets.

PRICE: The price listed above is a minimum price for a single with breakfast and dinner included. For more details and further negotiations don't hesitate to contact us.

Membro da Nov 2014

Servizi :

Include i pasti? Yes Meals Yes

Permette il fumatore? Yes Smoking Yes

Internet senza fili?

Animale domestico a casa? No Pets No

Pick up all'aeroporto? Yes Pickup Yes

Preferenza :

Singles, couples, families and groups..
(Your safety is a priority for us).

Membro della famiglia :

We are a couple with no Children.

Informazioni locali :

Buses and taxis available. Walking distance to a large shopping mall and various other shops.


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