Melody Centeno

Manila, 필리핀 제도

회원 가입일 Oct 2007

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Melody Centeno

Manila, 필리핀 제도

홈스테이 소개

I am an American Teacher who specializes in teaching students to learn English, I've had my homestay for over 10 years and my motto is you come to my house as friends and you leave our homestay as family because once you are welcomed in our homestay you will have the ability to not only learn about our native language but you will also learn our Culture, Ethics, and Traits. melody5513 for yah users

회원 가입일 Oct 2007

예의 :

식사 포함? Yes Meals Yes

흡연자를 허용합니까? Yes Smoking Yes

무선 인터넷?

집에있는 애완 동물? Yes Pets Yes

공항에서 수거 해? Yes Pickup Yes

우선권 :

i don't usually have any preferences to my students, i have open arms to anyone Please send me a message through melody5513

가족 구성원 :

My Husband Joe and we also have one household maid

지역 정보 :

tourist area by fields and clark airport


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