Eustace n Agnes

Mombasa, 케냐

회원 가입일 Apr 2009

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KES9000/ 주

( KES1100/ 매일 )


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Eustace n Agnes

Mombasa, 케냐

홈스테이 소개

We are a young family with interest in learning new cultures and exchanging cultural values.
We are open minded, social and enjoying new company always.

회원 가입일 Apr 2009

예의 :

식사 포함? Yes Meals Yes

흡연자를 허용합니까? Yes Smoking Yes

무선 인터넷?

집에있는 애완 동물? No Pets No

공항에서 수거 해? Yes Pickup Yes

팩스 번호 :


우선권 :

You are all welcome.

가족 구성원 :


지역 정보 :

Proximity to town, Mombasa serene beaches, Haller park, heritage sites, Entertainment spots, away from city noise and pollution


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