Nagoya, Aichi, 일본

회원 가입일 Apr 2018

  • Host family in Aichi Japan
  • Host family in Aichi Japan
JPY10500/ 주

( JPY1500/ 매일 )


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Nagoya, Aichi, 일본

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Hi! We have been hosting for over 13 years. We have also been hosts on Airbnb for 5 years and are listed as Superhosts.

We do have a dog and cat that live in the house (only on the first floor) so not recommended for those with pet allergies.

We have two rooms available. One is for 1500 yen/day (45,000 yen/month) and the other is 1800 yen/day (54,000 yen/month or 2300 yen/day (69,000 yen/month) for two people.

회원 가입일 Apr 2018

예의 :

식사 포함? No Meals No

흡연자를 허용합니까? Yes Smoking Yes

무선 인터넷? Yes Internet Yes

집에있는 애완 동물? Yes Pets Yes

공항에서 수거 해? Yes Pickup Yes

우선권 :

Anyone here on a work or school visa.

가족 구성원 :

Just me and my wife, Eiko


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