Kaoru Aizawa

Hateruma island,Okinawa, Okinawa, 일본

회원 가입일 Apr 2019

  • Host family in Okinawa Japan
  • Host family in Okinawa Japan
JPY24000/ 주

( JPY4000/ 매일 )


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Kaoru Aizawa

Hateruma island,Okinawa, Okinawa, 일본

홈스테이 소개

I used to stay in Australia and stayed with a very friendly family.It was a big fun and a very important experience for me.I would like to help someone just like me in Australia.
We can go to the beach together,fishing on the boat,snokeling,have meals and do lots.of things together.
you can have 3 meals a day,coffee.tea.juice.beer.snacks for free and if you want l'll give you free Japanese.lesson everyday ,so you don't have to spend extra money to stay.
Let's. enjoy staying in Japan. with us!
Check my instagram to see my daily life in Hateruma island.
my ID is kokokatsuo or another account kokogeorgeandthebeach.
The beach is amaging here!You'll love it!

회원 가입일 Apr 2019

예의 :

식사 포함? Yes Meals Yes

흡연자를 허용합니까? Yes Smoking Yes

무선 인터넷? Yes Internet Yes

집에있는 애완 동물? Yes Pets Yes

공항에서 수거 해? No Pickup No

우선권 :

We have icecream shop and izakaya restaurant by the beach,so if you want to work,you can and you get the rent discount
3 meals a day and free drinks.The room has airconditioning and TV.

가족 구성원 :

Me,my husband,a babyboy,3 cats and a lovely goat.

지역 정보 :

Our island is located in the southern most of Japan.We have beautiful beaches and at night you can see the amaging stars such as milky way and shooting stars and so on.
We have some young Japaense who work with us at our restaurant by the beach so if you want to work with them,you can so that you get Japanese friends and communicate in Japanese.
We have snokel,fins.life vests.bicycles and a SUP you can use for free anytime.


Emma Pericaud review

Emma Pericaud


I cannot express how thankful I am to Kaorusan, Taachisan, Georgiechan and all the beautiful staff at Bamboo for welcoming me into their life. I could not have chosen a better host! I stayed with Kaor...

Tayler Paulsen review

Tayler Paulsen


Kaoru and her family were the most amazing hosts. We stayed with them on Hateruma island for 3 weeks and we loved it so much we cant wait to come back and visit them all.
Kaoru (who speaks perfect...

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