Helsinki, Helsinki, 핀란드

회원 가입일 May 2020

  • Host family in Helsinki Finland
EUR125/ 주

( EUR30/ 매일 )


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Helsinki, Helsinki, 핀란드

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曰本語対応 - 物件まるごと貸切応相談 - このサ イトは会員限定です。会員でないとご連絡いただいてもこちらから返信できません。会員でない方はホ ッ卜㐅-ル でも受けつけております。苑先はjiateng_です。
Renting out a large room weekly or monthly.
This is homestay, suitable to stay 1 or 2 guests. More guests are possible to stay if other room is available.

If you need an entire flat, please ask separately. Whole flat is available at another location in Helsinki. (Different from this advertisement)

Homestay available with furnished or unfurnished.
Rent EUR 480 /month. EUR 125 / week.
Deposit required.
Clean and nicely conditioned flat and consitsts of 3 spacious rooms, kitchen, bathroom and balcony. Good connection to center of Helsinki, Espoo and the airport. Walking distance to train station and Helsinki univ. Several bus stops near by.

If you are interested in renting a room, include your approximate renting period, preferable starting date and your brief introduction to :

verneri【at】mail . cοm

If you are in Finland, welcome to preview of the apartment.
Abroad guests are also welcome.

회원 가입일 May 2020

예의 :

식사 포함? No Meals No

흡연자를 허용합니까? No Smoking No

무선 인터넷? Yes Internet Yes

집에있는 애완 동물? No Pets No

공항에서 수거 해? Yes Pickup Yes

가족 구성원 :

Husband and wife.


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