Iris Li

Jiangsu, 中國

會員以來 Mar 2014

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Iris Li

Jiangsu, 中國


My house is 142 square meters with 3 rooms and 2 washing room. The rooms were decorated in 2013. There are 2 empty rooms now. My major in the college is English. I'd like to make foreign friends from English-speaking countries to improve my English and I also can teach you Chinese. I can cook different food in different countries. We will provide you free room and I have a Chevrolet car, we can share it together. Besides, my husband is an engineer in machinery industry. We plan to have a baby after 3 years.

會員以來 Mar 2014

設施 :

包括飯菜? Yes Meals Yes

允許吸煙者? Yes Smoking Yes


寵物在家? No Pets No

在機場接機? Yes Pickup Yes

偏愛 :

reading English books, swimming, cooking delicious food and I love pets, but have no time to feed.

家庭成員 :

only 2 persons, my husband(always away from home for business trip) and me(I work in a United States company as a sales assistant)

當地信息 :

There are one primary school and one middle school around us, the nearest senior middle school is 3.5 miles away from my house.