Kerman, Iran, Islamic Republic Of

會員以來 May 2016

  • Host family in Kerman Iran, Islamic Republic Of
  • Host family in Kerman Iran, Islamic Republic Of
IRR6300000/ 週

( IRR900000/ 日常 )




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I'm Somaye, 34 years old. I'm engineer in copper production company,NICICO.I like a lot sewing and kniting as a hobit. I make some handicraft sama as Patchwork in my freetime. my husband,Ali, is engineer too. he like alot farming and gardening. he likes Cactus alot.
our son, Fardin,is 8 years old. he like play games and play with soil and water. also he likes alot painting.he can paint for you something as a memento. the total guest house capacity is for 22 persons. We have a cotton bed and blanket and pillow for every person.
if we have free time, we can guide you to visit Meymand and other palces and also be your driver, but it has some cost.

1 night staying cost with breakfast for every person:800000 Rials

1 night staying cost with breakfast, lunch and dinner for every person: 1000000 Rials.

會員以來 May 2016

設施 :

包括飯菜? No Meals No

允許吸煙者? No Smoking No


寵物在家? No Pets No

在機場接機? Yes Pickup Yes

偏愛 :

the price include breakfast.
we can pich you up from bus trerminal without pay but if you want to come from train stataion we manage you a taxi.

家庭成員 :

me and my husband Ali and our son Fardin.

當地信息 :

Our house is located in a village that is so near to Shahrebabak and about 30kilometers to Meymand. Meymand is an old cave village in the mountain that entered in UNESCO in 2015. Shahrebabak is a city from Kerman province. If you stay in our house, we can prepare you the local foods. Also if you want local guide, we can show you Meymand and other sightseeing and places in Shahrebabak but it has some price. If you like you can gardening in our garden too. Also if you like to sleep in the yard in the summer and spring, we have a Mosquito net in the yard for sleeping. We have 3 rooms for guests to sleep and a tea house with a fire place to make tea with fire. we can play some local game with eachother also you can cover garden walls with clay if you like but you should let me know when you want book the room.


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