Harchi Ossama

Casablanca, 摩洛哥

會員以來 Jul 2016

  • Host family in Casablanca Morocco
  • Host family in Casablanca Morocco
MAD400/ 週

( MAD1/ 日常 )




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Harchi Ossama

Casablanca, 摩洛哥


my father took his retirement and he's a cool guy you know a nice one to have a chat with, my mom is a housewife, she's cool, the calm relaxed type, my old sister work as a chef in a hotel, and my young sister study commerce (Trade), business management and marketing and she work at the same time, so the both comes home at night, and i'm the host (i'm a telecom technician) a guy who loves to talk with people, get to know them well, and get them to feel like they're home and whatever it bothers you we will fix it asap, so it's not gonna be an average trip, it's gonna be something you'll remember your whole life, this is an experience.

會員以來 Jul 2016

設施 :

包括飯菜? Yes Meals Yes

允許吸煙者? No Smoking No


寵物在家? Yes Pets Yes

在機場接機? No Pickup No

偏愛 :

you can do whatever you want, play music, smoke in the roof, all pet are allowed but dogs, Wifi (Cables) with good connexion, traditional moroccan foods and drinks, eveything you need is available with low prices you don't have to stress and also many many cool stuffs.

家庭成員 :

My Parents and my two sisters and I

當地信息 :

anything you need is here from schools to super markets, beaches, swimming pools, Malls, whatever you need


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