JaeHun, Youn

Suji-gu, Yongin-si, Seoul, South Korea

會員以來 Aug 2018

  • Host family in Seoul South Korea
  • Host family in Seoul South Korea
KRW175000/ 週

( KRW25000/ 日常 )




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JaeHun, Youn

Suji-gu, Yongin-si, Seoul, South Korea


Welcome to your happy home.
We offer homestays for safe and comfortable journeys.

1. Accommodation information
My house is an apartment, 224 square meters in size and has five rooms. We offer three rooms as a homestay. It's a single room.
Most students come from the U.S. or Europe who want to study, Travel and experience Korean language or culture.

2. on the way from the airport
​You can take the airport bus 8852 from Incheon International Airport and get off at the "풍덕고교사거리(수지지역난방공사)" stop.
When you arrive at Incheon International Airport's Passenger Terminal 1, you can take the bus at the 7A stop in front of Gate No. 7 on the first floor. if you arrive at the second passenger terminal, the boarding position is 40 on B1 of the transportation center.
We'll be waiting for you when you get off the bus.
If you want an airport pickup service, we offer it for 100,000 won.

3. Traffic Information
There are a metropolitan bus stop and a subway near my house. It's about 10 minutes' walk away.
- Seongbok subway station to Gangnam (it takes 30 minutes by subway)
- M4101 Bus to Jongno (about An hour by bus).

4. Travel
Around here, Everland, Korea Folk Village, and Suwon Hwaseong are famous. If you come to my house, we will provide you with free tours of Suwon Hwanseong. If you want to go to Everland and the Korean Folk Village, I can take you there.

5. Studying in Korea
There are two international schools near my house.
Christian Sprout Intercultural School, Fayston Preparatory School
and We can help you get into international schools. Also, We can introduce a language institute for Korean study.
and there is a Public Library - Suji library
My mother served 40 years as a school teacher.
If you want to study in Korea, we can help you to study successfully.
Also, I think it will be helpful to study English besides Korean because there are other foreign students at my house.

6. Accommodation cost
Homestay costs 25,000 won per day, including breakfast.
It's 35,000 won a day for breakfast and dinner on weekdays and three meals on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Usually,
most people choose the 35,000 won service.

會員以來 Aug 2018

設施 :

包括飯菜? Yes Meals Yes

允許吸煙者? No Smoking No

無線互聯網? Yes Internet Yes

寵物在家? No Pets No

在機場接機? Yes Pickup Yes

家庭成員 :

Mother, Father, Son

當地信息 :

The subway is a 10-minute walk from home.


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