Israel Teresa

Ayate, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

會員以來 May 2019

  • Host family in Addis Ababa Ethiopia
4900/ 週

( 700/ 日常 )




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Israel Teresa

Ayate, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia


Staying in our home will be the best experience that you will have in Addis Ababa because i and my wife always love to travel during our vacation , we always stay in people home and we know what our guests need !!!. we will give a very important information . we will have free day tour for those who stay for a week . i have visited some countries in the past three years South Africa(Johannesburg) , Thailand(phuket , pataya) , china( Hong Kong , Guangzhou) , japan(Tokyo), France(pairs), German(Frankfurt ) and plan to travel two countries in every vacation.

會員以來 May 2019

設施 :

包括飯菜? Yes Meals Yes

允許吸煙者? No Smoking No

無線互聯網? Yes Internet Yes

寵物在家? No Pets No

在機場接機? Yes Pickup Yes

家庭成員 :

me my wife , my beautiful daughter and our baby sitter .

當地信息 :

Our home is about 13km from Addis Ababa bole international Airport , we will give all important information .


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