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그러면 등록된 호스트 패밀리나 다른 홈스테이 회사들이 당신에게 연락을 할 것 입니다.
당신은 그저 그들에게서 올 이메일을 기다리면 됩니다.

  kamio masako 
from Japan
Nice to meet you. I am a 63 - year - old woman living in Japan. I will go to Brisbane for 1 month, from 13 February 2018 to 12 March 2...more
from Turkey
I am a man in the age of 53, work as a professor. I am searching a home-stay in Australia, Melbourne, Adelaide or Brisbane. Best wishes...more
from Japan
I'm looking for host in germany. I need to help U.
from South Korea
Hi, my name is Ami. I am looking for a room where I can have a homestay with my family. We are a family of three. I am with a husband ...more
  dhia sbihi sbihi 
from Tunisia
Hello, i m dhia ,i have 28 years, i m an architect .i would like to travel ,to discover the world .to make relation with other persons ...more
  Kin Thong Chong 
from Malaysia
Hi, I will be going to run Tokyo Marathon on 25th Feb 2018. Due to the chance, I would like to do a short vacation at Tokyo as well. I ...more
  Fukuno Ishii 
from Japan
from New Zealand
Hello, we are looking for a home stay in Osaka for 4 nights, between 23 FEB 2018 - 26 FEB 2018. We are 3 young adults from New Zealand....more
from Slovakia
HELLO. My name is Iveta. I am Slovakia, I am 51 years old and a lot of experience behind me. I raised a great son, now 26 years old. I'...more
  Natsumi Suzuki 
from Japan
Hello. I'm 19(soon become 20) y.o,Japanese college student. I can speak English only a bit... I want to see the world from my eye! Gent...more
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