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당신의 학업과 일에 좀 더 열중하기를 원하십니까?
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그러면 등록된 호스트 패밀리나 다른 홈스테이 회사들이 당신에게 연락을 할 것 입니다.
당신은 그저 그들에게서 올 이메일을 기다리면 됩니다.

from Saudi Arabia
from Japan
I'm searching for a family who offer a room for couple. Both of us are students. Our purpose is travel for London. We would like to sta...more
from China
I'm a graduate student from University of Tokyo. I'm going to graduate this March, but before that I really want to be in a host family...more
  Miho Takise 
from Japan
cheep,near NY
from Indonesia
Hi! Im going to visit tokyo on Feb, 13. Were 2 muslim people. Can i stay at your house, or maybe you can guide me explore tokyo togethe...more
  Ann Gloria kinisu 
from Kenya
Hi my names are Ann Gloria Kinisu from Kenya looking for a host family in Nebraska for two months from February to march. I would like ...more
from Saudi Arabia
Hello I want to live with a family at a reasonable price close to the language institutes and Thanks ...more
from Germany
Hello I'm Esther from Germany and I am looking for a nice place to stay this February in Seoul. Woul be happy to receive any offers^^ ...more
from Saudi Arabia
غرفه مع عائله لديها اطفال أو أناس لطيفين يتكملون معي لتحسين اللغه الانجلي...more
  Sakura Hashimoto 
from Japan
Could you please allow me to come back home at mid night . As l'm going to practice salsa dance, l may come back around 12 o'clock. I'm...more
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