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from Germany
こんにちは! Mariaといます。30歳のドイツからの女性です。 今回は、日本語に授業を受けるために...more
  Masa Okubi 
from Japan
I'm a Japanese man. Retired about 18 years ago. I'm planning to visit San Diego in late June this year and stay there about 5 weeks. I'...more
  Ivanka Jonas 
from Canada
Hello, I am 52 years old, born in Europe, currently staying in Kyoto. My desire is to find a temple stay or homestay near temple to pur...more
  Charlene Fazal 
from France
Hello, こんにちは、 私の 名前 は シャーレンです。フランス人です。今は日本語を勉強しています。...more
from France
hello I am a 22 french male student.I m searching a nice family in gifu not too far from the university to welcome me for 10 weeks.I ...more
  Yoko Yanagisawa 
from Japan
Destination: Frankfurt, Germany Period: 22Jun2017 - 27Jun2017 1 single Japanese female Japanese host prefered Hi, I'm going to travel...more
from China
find a home stay near international school of Luxembourg
  Abderrazzaq El habbani 
from Morocco
Hii , my name is abderrazzaq, 22 years I need some one to recieve me in USA because I win in DV Lottery and I dont Know anyone in usa...more
  Travelling Maya 
from Philippines
Looking for host for our trip to Fukuoka.Arriving on June 27 and leaving on June 29,3 adults and 2 children (age 8 months and 6 yrs.old...more
  Khalil Abdelkebir 
from Morocco
Hi, i am 48 yo married man with a wife and a baby girl 18 months i have visa to US but we have no place where to stay, please can someb...more
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