Requisiti dell'ospite in famiglia


  • I enjoy meeting and helping people.
  • I could easily welcome guests as friends into my home and life.
  • I have a guest room that is private, clean and comfortable.
  • All members of my home think this is a good idea.


(applies to those families who will provide guests with meals)

  • Please provide guests with breakfast and an evening meal during the week and all meals during the weekend. (If you can't provide some meals,please tell them in the comments area on your profile page)


  • The guest should be provided a comfortable bed, wardrobe and a study desk or table with a reading light and a chair.


  • Guests are welcome to use my washing machine and dryer by themselves. (Alternatively you may wish to offer to do their washing).


  • Please provide all necessary information regarding public transport.
    (Show the guest how to get to the school, the city, the nearest bus stop or train station. A copy of a local area map or timetable would be beneficial.)

The guest's welfare

  • I will be home for the guest's arrival and departure.
  • I will not go on holiday or leave home during the guest's stay. If an emergency causes an unpredicted absence, I will let the guest know as soon as possible.


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