Vantagem da HomestayWeb?

The fee to use HomestayWeb is cheaper than other websites.
Many other websites have booking deposits as revenue of the company.

For instance, Airbnb will charge a fee of approximately 15% on the total cost of staying in the homestay.

ex) When you book for 2 weeks with $50 per day using Airbnb :
The total payment amount will be $50 x 14days = $700.
In this case, Airbnb charges you about $100 (15% service fee), so guests will end up paying around $800.

Even though this fee will be paid by the guests but since there could be a case where the host sides are primarily setting the fee as low as possible.
It could also be considered that realistically the hosts are owing the fee themselves.

The usage fee for HomestayWeb is the membership fee only.
1 month membership fee is only $10, it is $50 for a year. (No subscription charge)
We are not going to charge you for the commission for each booking like others.

Why is HomestayWeb's fee reasonable?

HomestayWeb is a company run by a private enterprise which enables less operational costs compared to other fellow big companies.
Currently, it’s being run only by the membership fee.
Instead, the functions or services in the website might not be as satisfied as other bigger websites adding to the different scales.
However host families exchange E-mails with their guests directly, building enough trust each other before the start of homestay, although there is no booking calender on the website.
With less functions users have more communication each another.


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