FAQ para convidados

I am looking for hosts. How can HomestayWeb help me?

When you become a member as a Guest, you can benefit in the following ways:

  1. You can search for host families in the area you are planning to visit.
  2. You can see host families' profiles and send emails to them.
  3. You can write your requirements on the Guest's Requests and wait for emails from a host family who are interested in you.

Note: In order to receive emails, you or the other person needs a Premium-Passport.

Upgrade to a Premium-Passport anytime after you become a free member.

I found a host family. What do I do next?

First, you need to contact them. You can send emails to them by clicking the "Contact Host" button on the host family's profile page.

The host family will receive your email directly and reply, if they are interested in you.

Through exchanging emails, you may talk to them and decide on dates or how to pay and any other issues.

What does the Premium-Passport mean?

You can send emails to ALL host families whether the host family has the the Premium-Passport or not.

But if the host family does not have a Premium-Passport, they need to purchased a Premium-Passport to reply to you.

You could also get a Premium-Passport, so you don't need to check if the host has a Premium-Passport or not.

Can I send emails to the host family who does not have the Premium-Passport?

Yes. You can send emails all host families. All host families will receive your emails and able to read it, but only host who has a Premium-Passport can reply to you.

Even the host family does not have a Premium-Passport, they might purchased it, if they are interested in you. So please try to contact your favorite host families as many as you like.

I sent emails to some host families, but they do not reply to me. What should I do?

If you do not receive a reply from the host family within a few days, it means the host family is not available at the moment, so you should contact another host family.

Note: We are sorry, but we cannot guarantee that all host families will reply to your email.

How can I post my requet on the Guest's Requet? How does Guest's Requet work?

You can post and manage your request on "Member Page" (You need to log in).

You will receive emails from some host families who are interested in you. You can reply to those emails directly if you want to talk to them.

Can I send money to a host family through the HomestayWeb website?

Some host families have a PayPal button on their profile page. You can send money to these host families by clicking on this button.

However, This is through PayPal. HomestayWeb is not involved in any money transactions between guests and hosts.

Are the host families listed here interviewed or screened?

No. HomestayWeb's purpose is to create a place where Homestay guests and hosts can find their own matches.

HomestayWeb is not responsible for nor does it endorse any of the information placed by hosts in their profile pages on this website. Please judge wisely in choosing your Homestay family.

If you prefer a screened host family, please search our partner agency.

Is HomestayWeb a homestay agency? Can you find my host family for me?

No. We are not a homestay agency. HomestayWeb is a notice board for host families and guests.

You can register on the website, search for host families and post requests on the Guest's requests on your own.

If you want an agency to help you find the homestay, check our homestay agency partners list.

I registered as a HomestayWeb member but I cannot log in. Why is that?

Did you get the confirmation email from us? If you didn't, it's possible your email client mistakenly identified it as "junk" or "spam".

Check inside your email "junk", "bulk" or "spam" folder for a message from HomestayWeb.

If the confirmation email is inside one of these folders, add our email address "support@homestayweb.com" to your "contacts" or "safe" list of senders that are never filtered.

Should I purchase travel insurance?

Yes. Make sure you purchase adequate insurance to cover all eventualities eg. illness, accidents, theft.

If you do not have yet, you can buy it online. Check our Travel Insurance page.

Go to FAQ para Hosts

Travel Insurence?

We highly recommend getting travel insurance before going abroad.

If your health insurance does not cover you in abroad, you need it.

Check your Travel insurance price.

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