Blanca Vinueza de Aguirre

Quito, エクアドル

メンバー登録日 Aug 2013

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ECS105/ 週間

( ECS15/ 日割 )




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Blanca Vinueza de Aguirre

Quito, エクアドル


Please note that Price for homestay is in US Dollars.
Our family: welcome to our family! We are Carlos and Blanca, the parents.. We have two children (37, 35) and four grandchildren. Although they dont live with us, they visit us often. For moré than 25 years we have been the home and the family for people from all over the world. We love to learn from other cultures and we enjoy sharing our culture and familylife with others.
We can assist you with anything you need in Ecuador from Spanish courses, volunteering, travelling a round,etc.

メンバー登録日 Aug 2013

生活環境 :

食事は含まれますか? Yes Meals Yes

たばこを吸ってもいいですか? Yes Smoking Yes


家にペットはいますか? No Pets No

空港に迎えに来てくれますか? Yes Pickup Yes

好み :

All are welcome

家族構成 :

Carlos, the father, and Blanca, the mother.

地元周辺の情報 :

Centrally located, close to schools, universities, shops, cultural places. Many local transportation a availabilities like buses, trolebuses.. Safe and nice neighborhood close to Hotel Quito and Guapulo.


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