Kristi Rathjen

Arizona, アメリカ

メンバー登録日 Dec 2017

  • Host family in Arizona United States
  • Host family in Arizona United States
USD200/ 週間

( USD29/ 日割 )




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Kristi Rathjen

Arizona, アメリカ


We are a lively, fun loving family of four, plus 2 dogs. We live in a private home with a pool. We have hosted students for 9 years now and have had great fun learning about our student's cultures while sharing ours. We love to get out of town to see the rural, mountain areas of Arizona and ALWAYS welcome our guests to go with us. We have an extended family living nearby and they welcome our guests with open arms as well. Breakfast and dinner are included and lunch is generally on your own. We do have a washer and dryer and you are welcome to use that. We do have two dogs, one is large so must be ok with that. ABSOLUTELY NO SMOKING OR DRUGS!!!!! Drinking is allowed if the student is 21 years of age. We have had students with their own car and that is fine also. The picture of the room below is the actual room, but the bed has been changed to a twin and there is a desk and chair, plus a comfy chair.

メンバー登録日 Dec 2017

生活環境 :

食事は含まれますか? Yes Meals Yes

たばこを吸ってもいいですか? No Smoking No

インターネットはありますか? Yes Internet Yes

家にペットはいますか? Yes Pets Yes

空港に迎えに来てくれますか? Yes Pickup Yes

好み :

Girls - College age

家族構成 :

Daughter- 19
Son- 17

地元周辺の情報 :

Arizona State University, Mesa Community College, Scottsdale Community College


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