Fukuoka prefecture, Fukuoka, 日本

メンバー登録日 Oct 2018

  • Host family in Fukuoka Japan
  • Host family in Fukuoka Japan
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Fukuoka prefecture, Fukuoka, 日本


Hello and Bonjour, I’m 26 years old girl.
I’m looking for [a girl(only) who can teach me french by conversation] OR [a girl who plans to stay for a long term.]

*For who teaches me french,
I will offer you stay for free(we can share foods and share the price if you want)
From March-April

*For a girl planning to stay for a long term, I will offer you rent of ¥20000/month(Meal is not included but we can share foods and share the price if you want, Don’t worry! everything is so cheap here)
•We help you find part time jobs or language school if you need.
•I would be absent after May, my mom still here but most of the time she is out for work. So if you don’t mind that, you’re very welcome! So you can be very at home.

*About me and my place
I love kimono, I can teach you how to wear it and we can go out in kimono! I have tons of kimono as you can see in the first picture. (I can offer you some kimono at cheap price if you want)
•I love traditional but also pop japanese culture like manga. I have tons of manga too.
•We can cook japanese dishes together.
•Here’s very rural you can take a train to go Tenjin/Hakata(Fukuoka) by 1 hour.
• In March -April, there’s sagemon ivent(see the second picture), it’s not a big but traditional ivent in this region.
We don’t have much money to take you to many places like other hosts and here’s rural so it might be boring for you but I can teach you japanese custom and show you how we live.
If you want to see more pictures, access to the facebook link.

メンバー登録日 Oct 2018

生活環境 :

食事は含まれますか? No Meals No

たばこを吸ってもいいですか? No Smoking No

インターネットはありますか? Yes Internet Yes

家にペットはいますか? No Pets No

空港に迎えに来てくれますか? No Pickup No

好み :

A girl speaking french or a female student or worker who staying for a long term

家族構成 :

Me and my mother

地元周辺の情報 :

1 minute walk to Omizo station(Nishitetsu)
Kurume, yanagawa, fukuoka


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