Are you planning to go abroad?

Do you want to know more about the local people,culture, and life?
Do you need to focus on your studies or work?
If so, Homestay is the best way to do it.

How to find homestays

The Homestay Web has host families registered worldwide and waiting for you.
You can Search for a Homestay Host family and send emails to your potential host family. Make the homestay booking!

Also you can post your request on the Guest's request for free. Registered host families or some other homestay agencies can contact you. You just wait for the emails from them!

Are you interested in becoming a Homestay host?

Do you enjoy meeting new people and do you think you would like to open your home up to others?
If you do, go to Become a host. You can register as a Host and your ad will be on our hosts' listing.

More information

Any Questions?

Contact us

Advantage of HomestayWeb

Airbnb will charge 15% of the total cost of homestay.

On the other hand, HomestayWeb does not charge fees for each reservation like other companies.


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